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Contact lenses

Contact lens technology has advanced enormously in recent years. This means that most people are now suitable to comfortably wear contact lenses. As an independent optician Old Town Eyecare is able to choose from all the contact lens suppliers in the UK, therefore ensuring we can supply lenses that give you the best vision and greatest comfort. Modern lenses are a lot healthier for your eyes too. With Silicone Hydrogel technology the lenses are able to provide 7 times more oxygen to the eyes, allowing you to wear them longer throughout the day.

Your lens options

Daily disposable

These are lenses you can throw away after a single use. This means you don’t have to worry about cleaning or storing your lenses. Most daily lenses are suitable for about 12 hours wear per day, however with some newer lenses you can healthily wear them for the full day. Daily lenses are the most economical option if you only want to wear them occasionally as you are only paying for the lenses you use. For example some people only wear them for sports and social wear. However we also have many patients who wear them every day because they like the convenience.

Monthly lenses

These are lenses that can be used for up to one month before being replaced. They must be cleaned with a special solution and stored in a contact lens case. If you are wearing the lenses 3 or more times a week this will be your most economical option. Most modern monthly lenses are made from Silicone Hydrogel which means they transmit lots of oxygen to the eye allowing healthy and comfortable wear throughout the day.

Toric lenses

If you suffer from astigmatism (where your eyes are slightly asymmetric, like a rugby ball) then you would need to use what is known as a toric contact lens. This is a lens which is designed not to rotate on your eye once settled. In the past you may not have been suitable for contact lenses due to astigmatism, but with newer designs most astigmatic patients can benefit from contact lens wear. You can get toric lenses in both daily and monthly wear.

Multifocal lenses

If you require a different prescription for distance and near you can still benefit from contact lens wear. You could either have “Monovision” where one eye is corrected for distance and the other for reading (although it may sound strange, the brain has a way of adapting to this and most people get on fine with this method). Alternatively, there are lenses available where each eye can focus on distance and near, a bit like varifocal spectacles.

A contact lens assessment involves trying several different designs of lenses over a period of weeks before settling on what is healthiest, and most comfortable, for each person’s eyes. Multifocal lenses are available in both daily and monthly wear.

Coloured contact lenses

If you want to have fun with your lenses and fancy a change in image why not try coloured contact lenses? You can choose from either monthly or daily wear coloured lenses. The modern lenses are designed to be realistic and subtle or bold and vibrant depending or your preference. You can choose from a range of different colours including blue, green, brown or grey.

The process

If you would like to give contact lenses a go then call us now to book your contact lens trial.

The first thing you would need to do is book an appointment with the optician for a contact lens assessment. The optician will check your eyes and discuss your requirements before suggesting a lens to trial. Then we would order trial lenses to your prescription and book a Teach Appointment with one of the team. They will discuss all aspects of caring for your lenses and show you how to put them in and out. Once you are confident with this you can take the trial pair to try for a couple of weeks and then have a follow up check with the optician wearing the lenses. If you are happy with the lenses and your eyes look healthy you can go ahead and purchase the lenses. If there are any changes we need to make we can try another lens and start the process again until we find a lens that works well. Then we would just need to see you on a regular basis, normally every 6 or 12 months, to ensure everything is still ok and your eyes are healthy.

What our customers say

“I was very apprehensive about trying varifocal lenses but the staff at Old Town Eyecare put me at ease and I’m now getting on great with my new glasses!”
Mr Brown – Devizes