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Pilla Performance Eyewear

  • For over 20 years Pilla has presented the world’s best championship shooters with the finest visual equipment.
  • Pilla works in partnership with Zeiss who have been producing optical perfection since 1846. With Zeiss, Pilla have created a benchmark lens technology called VIVX.
  • VIVX is a rich colour enhancement technology tuned to maximise the perceptive ability of the eye in a variety of lighting conditions from low light to high sun light.
  • Pilla Zeiss VIVX lenses are incredibly strong and exceeds the High mass impact test. All VIVX lenses can withstand the blunt impact of a 500g steel missile dropped from a height of four feet directly onto the lens.
  • VIVX lenses are formulated to provide the proper amount of light in various conditions while maximising colour registration from full sun to low light, the lenses enhance vision better than any on the market.
  • Pilla performance eyewear is worn by 90% of top professional sporting clay shooters in the world.
  • Including George Digweed MBE. Won 10 world cups, holds 26 world championships and 16 European titles. “Pilla glasses have literally changed the way I see shooting, they are the best in the world” wears Outlaw x6.
  • Lack of quality eyewear can lead to eye fatigue, inability to focus and the degradation of hand to eye coordination, depth perception and timing. Pilla makes athletes vision better.
  • Pilla’s values are to create visual equipment that adds value and an unfair advantage to an athlete’s performance, that substance trumps hype and anything less than perfection is not worth doing.

The Pilla SPORT High Light to Low Light Kit

Pilla glasses

Includes three lenses:

  • 10ED Enhanced Definition
  • - Enhanced definition for direct sunlight.

    - 10% transmittance

    - Eye relaxer

    - Colour balance enhancement

    - Designed to raise the complete colour spectrum

  • 58ED Enhanced Definition
  • - For medium overcast days or yellow lighting

    - 58% transmittance

    - High definition balanced lens

  • 94HC High Contrast
  • - 94% transmittance

    - High contrast for low light and night shooting

    Perfect mixed kit for a shooter that shoots clay and hunts

    Pilla Chroma Intense Colour Resolution Kit

    The Chroma kit uses the latest colour enhancement tech called Chromashift, containing a vivid full sun lens, a medium lighting condition lens with a background neutraliser and an accelerated low light lens. This kit is perfect for the clay shooter looking for a specialty full range kit.

    Pilla glasses

    Includes 3 lenses:

  • 18RHC
  • - Red high contrast

    - 18% transmittance

    - Hybrid Chromashift and background neutraliser

    - Silver high contrast filter

    - For full sun and high lights in grey overcast conditions

  • 44N
  • - Background neutraliser designed to kill green backgrounds

    - 44% transmittance

    - For medium yellow light

    - Gives true depth of field

    - Specifically enhances orange/pink target

  • 60HCP
  • - High contrast perception

    - 60% transmittance

    - Designed to raise perceptive value of light

    - For medium to low light conditions

    - Crisp definition of both orange and black targets

    The Max 3.0. Target Orange Management

    The max 3.0 kit is for the clay shooter looking for maximum enhancements of orange clay targets. This kit in full sun and medium lighting conditions is designed to enhance the orange part of the visual spectrum by 600%.

    Pilla glasses

    Includes 3 lenses:

  • 132 MXB
  • - Boosts orange targets

    - 32% transmittance

    - Chroma shift enhanced

    - For medium lighting

    - Bronze high contrast filter

  • - 44% transmittance

    - Designer for balanced colour enhancement

    - Medium sunshine/ medium overcast

    - High resolution crisp detail

  • 69MWN
  • - Red high contrast

    - 69% transmission

    - Hybrid chromashift and background neutraliser

    - Silver high contrast filter for low light/ cloudy overcast

    Panther Series

    Pilla's Panther Series is the industry standard for the professional clay shooter. It comes in two sizes the X7 and X6 and is available with and without bridge post. The nose piece in the post version is height adjustable for comfort and position on the nose without obstructing the view.

    Our Panther with Post is a fully adjustable model. The front bar of the frame can be adjusted to raise the front bar out of the shooters vision when deep into the stock. The Post model is also a great solution for those shooters needing corrective vision.

    Panther With Prescriptions

    The Panther is available with a special insert that is fit into the centre post of the frame. For shooters with a small corrective need it is recommended the X7 to be used for a power range need of + or - 2.50.

    For those with a higher level of corrective need please select the Panther X6 Post.

    Panther With Post



     Max 3


    Panther With No Post


     Max 3




    The Outlaw X Series for Shooting Sports is powered by ZEISS VIVX lenses and is certified to be a perfect optical instrument. The front bar has been taken out of the frame so the visual site picture is unmatched. The shooter is presented with an unobstructed view without any imperfection or visual disruption. The temple design allows for extremely quick changing of the lens technology to maximize the performance of the product in any lighting condition.

    The Outlaw Series for Shooting Sports is offered in two different models - The Outlaw X6 and the Outlaw X7. The frame systems are identical with the only difference being the amount of wrap provided. The Outlaw X7 provides more wrap but is a smaller temple to temple size. For a guide the Outlaw X6 is for medium to large head size and the Outlaw X7 is a small to medium fit. 



     Max 3


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