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Repairs and fittings


An essential part of the service we provide is ensuring that your glasses fit correctly when collected. There are many different factors involved when fitting a pair of spectacles. 

We will check that they feel comfortable, especially behind the ear and on your nose. They need to be secure enough not to slip down your nose, but not so tight to hurt. They also need to sit in the correct position for your vision, especially if they are varifocals or bifocals. The skill is in balancing all these different factors in order to get the perfect fit. 

The whole team has been trained to fit glasses, however in more complex situations our dispensing optician, Rowena, with her specialist training and many years of experience will be available to assist.


Sometimes accidents happen! If your glasses get damaged bring them to us as we might be able to help. With our vast experience we can undertake almost any repair (we like a challenge!)

Services include

  • New nose pads
  • Replacing missing screws
  • Replacement End tips
  • Solders
  • Supra wire replacement
  • Replacement sides
  • And general adjustments

What our customers say

“I was very apprehensive about trying varifocal lenses but the staff at Old Town Eyecare put me at ease and I’m now getting on great with my new glasses!”
Mr Brown – Devizes