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How often should I have a Sight Test?

As a guideline for most people the interval is every 2 years except in the following situations 

  • Over 40 with a family history of Glaucoma – 1 year 
  • Diabetic or Glaucoma Patients – 1 year 
  • Over 70 – 1 year
  • Under 16 – 3-24 months depending on your optometrist recommendation 
  • Or if you feel you are having problems with your vision and need an earlier test.

How do I book, re-schedule or cancel my appointment? 

Call 01793 511327 to speak to a member of staff and they will help you. 

Are Contact Lenses suitable for me? 

Contact lenses can be a convenient choice for many people – to find out if you are suitable call 01793 511327 to book a contact lens trial. 

Do I need a special prescription for Contact Lenses? 

Yes – Call to book a check up with our optometrist who can validate your contact lenses prescription. 

Can you repair my spectacles? 

Yes - however it does depend on the damaged sustained. Pop in store with your spectacles to see a member of staff and they will advise you.

Can I have Prescription Sunglasses? 

Yes – We stock a range of sunglasses frames which are suitable for prescription lenses.

My glasses don’t fit me properly!

Ill fitting spectacles can be adjusted by our skilled members of staff so your frame will fit comfortably and correctly. Call in for adjustments anytime – even if you didn’t buy your spectacles from us!

What our customers say

“I was very apprehensive about trying varifocal lenses but the staff at Old Town Eyecare put me at ease and I’m now getting on great with my new glasses!”
Mr Brown – Devizes